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American Ape: Anime Rumble Edition Tee

Ready to Rumble! Show off your fighting spirit with this anime Bored Ape Tee.

Gear up for digital battle with the hard hitting American Ape: Anime Rumble Tee, featuring the anime inspired version of the amnesiac title BAYC character and the ruthless Bounty Hunter, Murphy, the Deathbot Killer. Designed by the legendary RIOT Games artist, Jon Lam, this tee blends cotton, rayon, and polyester for an irresistibly soft touch that will not shrink in the wash.

When you slip into one of these shirts, you're not just wearing a t-shirt; you're donning the essence of good old fashioned fisticuffs. Lovers of the epic anime fight will love this one. Wear this American Ape tee and let the world know you're not afraid to embrace your inner badass.


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Leap of Faith

Wear your Courage & show off the Bold Pursuit of your Dreams.

Take a "Leap of Faith" with our dark grey tee, inspired by our founder's journey into the world of comic creation. This shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of believing in yourself and achieving the impossible. Marking a pivotal moment in Myth Division’s very first comic book series, this shirt is an homage to the risks taken at the beginning of any difficult journey. Made from the same comfortable materials and available in both men's and women's sizes, it's a reminder that dreams are worth pursuing.


Customer Reviews

“Few studios actually put an effort into Merch design, but MD is one of them. I’ve been collecting ever since I discovered their amazing stories.”

- @NegiTheNagi

“Been excited for Myth Division merch release for some time and the designs do not disappoint. Something for everyone besides me too. Have a feeling these will be rare collectibles someday.”

- @Pretlovedoteth

“I've watched Myth Division build for over 10 years. The quality and attention to detail have always been at the forefront of whatever they produce. That dedication to the craft is carried over into their merch. MD never disappoints.”

- @JBeau_81

“I’m amazed at the artwork on this merchandise, the quality of materials is one of the best I have come across. Been ordering merchandise online for a few years now but none of the items I’ve bought in the past come anywhere near the quality and workmanship I found here.”

- @SriniGoes

What is Myth Division Apparel?


Myth Division Apparel offers a unique blend of quality apparel and a digital universe, embedding narratives from our vibrant worlds into every piece of apparel, and enabling fans to physically wear and represent the digital lore they love and build with us.

How can I track my order?


Once your order is dispatched, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email containing your tracking number and link to track your package. Should you encounter any issues or delays, our customer service team is available to assist you. Please allow 30-45 days for shipping, to accommodate strained supply chain conditions.

How can I acquire Myth Division digital collectibles?


Myth Division’s on-chain digital collectibles can be obtained by purchasing them directly from our main website ( when mints are live on the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain, or by earning rewards as a special agent on our website, by attending certain events, or on secondary marketplaces including Opensea, X2Y2, and any site that supports our products.

Special editions or exclusive collectibles might also be available alongside physical merchandise purchases or through specific campaigns and collaborations from time to time.

What is your return and exchange policy?


Your satisfaction is our priority. Our return and exchange policy allows for items to be returned within a specified period after purchase, provided they are in original condition. Detailed steps on initiating a return or exchange can be found in our policy on the website.

Where can I learn more about Myth Division's Story Worlds?


Thanks for your interest. You can always visit our main website: